To read more about environmental issues today or some of the other organizations that we work with, check out the following links!

Daily Environmental News

Environmental Economics Blog

Grist - daily environmental news updates

Environmental Health News

Environmental News Network

Teen Span - student-related recycling news

Living on Earth - weekly radio show

Student Resources:

Graduate School Programs in Environmental Studies

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

RecycleMania - A recycling competition between colleges and universities across the country

Alternative Transportation Related:

Tips and Trips for Commuting by Bike

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Try Another Way State Employees - State employee alternative transportation organization

Helena, MT Related:

Alternate Travel by State Employees

The Real Food Store

Solar Montana - seller, designer, and installer of renewable energy products

Other Environmental Groups:

Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC)

Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO)

Recycling and Environmental Awareness

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Environmental Alternatives

Earth 911 - local and national recycling information

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Container Recycling Institute - specific information regarding the process of recycling various containers

National Recycling Coalition

Montana Green Power

The Rainforest Site - visit site once a day and preserve 11.4 square feet of rainforest with every click

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