Trash for Trees - City-Wide Recycling Drive

Trash for Trees has no immediate plans for an upcoming drive. This is due in part to the growth of options provided by the City of Helena. The city currently has five permanent locations for drop-off; located at Safeway - 611 N. Montana, L&C County Fairgrounds - 98 W. Custer, Independent Record - 2222 Washington St., Capital Hill Mall Parking Lot - East end by the old Dillard's - 1600 11th Ave, and at the median between the one-ways on the west end of Cruse Ave towards Park Avenue and directly across from Dale Harris Park. These sites collect alunimum, cardboard, paper, and tin.

S.A.V.E. has also increased its collection capacity and frequency that we offer plastics drives; growing from type 1 bottles collected a handful of days annually to six drives that operate for four straight, 10-hour days and collect type 1 bottles and clear produce trays and type 2 solids and translucents. Additionally, we collect aluminum at our drives as a way to raise funds for future drives and expansion of our services.

Event History & Collection Numbers

Trash for Trees is a joint effort of S.A.V.E. and Growing Friends of Helena. The recycling drive is an opportunity for community members to recycle materials including: newspaper, magazines, glass, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel cans, and plastic bottles. Money raised by recycling these items goes toward planting trees in Helena with Growing Friends and supporting expanded recycling with the S.A.V.E. Foundation.

At our October 2011 event we collected the following amounts of recyclables: Newspaper, Office Paper, and Magazines - 21,250 pounds, Corrugated Cardboard - 5,275 pounds, Aluminum Cans - 940 pounds, Steel Cans - 1,734 pounds, and Plastics - 3,920 pounds.

Materials Accepted: Newspapers, Magazines, Glass, Cardboard, Aluminum Cans, and Steel Cans

Limited Plastics collected by The S.A.V.E. Foundation.

Type 1 Clear, Type 2 Natural (Translucent), and Type 2 Color
- No Lids, Please Rinse, Collect Separately
- No Trays, No Oil Containers, and No Buckets at this time

Cell phones, print cartridges, and some rechargeable batteries (those found in power tools or cell phones, no AA, B, C or other household)