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S.A.V.E. No Longer Providing Recycling

A Long Successful Run, Other Resources Provided

We no longer provide recycling services, but the same services are now available elsewhere in the city.

Additional resources, including a recycling map and information for renters, can be found below.

S.A.V.E. Policy: Working to Green Our Communities

Gray water

Gray water is wash water that can be utilized to flush toilets and irrigate landscaping. Gray water in newly legal in Montana. Homes and buildings using gray water save water, reduce energy needed to treat water, and redirect nutrients. The State of Montana recognizes the importance of gray water with a ten year incentive for gray water in new construction! More details here!


S.A.V.E. has worked on biodiesel policy for nearly a decade, including helping to direct funds to establish the the Bio-Energy Research Center at MSU-Northern and pass legislation to incentivize this important local fuel. Read more here!

Recycling Policy

S.A.V.E. has successfully supported legislation to maintain recycling incentives for processing and manufacturing in Montana, incorporating recyclable material into road projects, encourage electronic waste recycling, and establish collection programs for household sources of mercury (e.g. thermostats). See our past work here!

Recycling in Helena

The most recent recycling guide and map for Helena is here.

Renter's Permit. Click here for details!

Renters who live in the City can now get a special permit to allow them to drop off recyclables at the City of Helena Transfer Station. City residents living in a single-family home or multi-family home up to a four-plex can get a dedicated recycling permit. Call the City of Helena Recycling Line at 447-8082 for more details.

The City of Transfer Station is now collecting type 1 and type 2 plastics.

Details from the City are here.S.A.V.E.'s Plastics guidelines with picture examples here.

S.A.V.E. would like to thank Tri-County Disposal, City of Helena, Pacific Steel & Recycling, General Services of the State of Montana, the Montana Beverage Association, Carroll College, and our volunteers for a long history of making plastic recycling events successful and paving the way for a permanent program. Click here to download the results of S.A.V.E.'s plastics recycling survey conducted at the March 2014 Plastics Drive and online over the last few months.

We appreciate all of your support Helena!

Earth Day Coming Up on April 22nd

Join our mailing list for details as soon as they become available. The mailing list is the easiest way to stay updated about upcoming recycling opportunities and environmental news in Helena.


SAVE's Transit Blog!

Working to Improve Public and Non-Motorized Transportation in Helena

SAVE’s Transit Blog includes articles, on the ground insite, and safety tips for transportation alternative to get around Helena. This is the definitive source for updates and ways to get involved with community efforts in Helena for public transportation and non-motorized recreation and travel. Drop us a line at 449-6008 or with any transit questions.

About SAVE

The Student Advocates for Valuing the Environment Foundation leads the way in finding tangible solutions to protect our environment through Daily Habits, awareness, and policy. Over the last few years we have brought plastics recycling to Helena, crossed the state with Biodiesel Montana, passed important conservation legislation such as making gray water legal, and more.